Monday, June 2, 2008

going back?? new ending!!

what are we doing here starting a new time of life working on the this that are most important our own life what is it going to be said when we have moved on?? the Lord has told us that is we change and endure to the end we will have eternal life cant go change what has happen!! we can change the ending we are writing the ending is like our legace to our children

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The love we share

I am so blessed with the knowledge that my savior loves me and know me personally what is it when we pray for a miracle we get trials. i have been working on making my life better and trust in the Lord to make something of my life. what a big task he has in store for him as i have been renewing old friendships and making new one i have been learning that i can make a difference in the world i might be one but i have a voice that the Lord has and will continue to talk threw and most important with!!!! 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

who is our friends

recently i have been asking the lord to help me with finding some new friends. I have found  a couple of friend to talk to, it has made me see what the lord has given me. It has helped me also see that there is hope for us all inspite of our weaknesses, the hope that i see is from a spiritual feeling that you get when u find truth and do it. i have a friend that i have been talking to once a day it has been a great joy to here the ispreation  that this person has given me and it has come at the time when i needed it the most i have felt a closeness to them and i have been very selfish not thinking that the Lord sent them for me. this has been a great oportunity for me to become closer to my savoir and i have taken it for granited. I see now the hand of the lord in my life each and every day i hope and pray that i will be able to recanizy the spirit and act apon this love from the Lord to show what the Lord has done for me in my life for someone else to see that, there is hope for us all, please keep my family in your prayes so i will do the best  thank for lissoning talk to you later    


Sunday, April 27, 2008

liken them unto us

As i was talking with other this week and founding what we ( family) are really made of!!  I am reminded of some of the tries that some of the best men had, that lived in the time of the lord and savior. What they went thur and the lord using them in the way to make them see and understand what there life could become. The time that has a likeness is were Abraham went tosacrifice is son, what understanding of the lords will he had to go and walk with faith as his son asking  the hole way "dad were is the sacrifice that we need for the lord " Abraham saying " the lord will provide my son WOW what love Abraham had for the lord!! if i could be that way what would be asked of me i know that the lord will provide a way for us to be just as strong in one way or another so many time in my life there has been thing to sacrifice.   

Monday, April 21, 2008

Me?? an esample??

I am so greatful for the way i have had great esamples in my life four esample Alma the younger and the sons of mosiah what great faith there parents had in the lord to help them get threw those times that were bad, and now we see that the lord make his promise, to all that who ever makes that step, to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit they will see the blessing with in there family.  What a blessing this has been for me to see the love these men have for there wives & show this to me. I'm truely blessed with this exsample as i have seen many things both Good & bad right now. i'm having a reality check WOW!!! the day that i can change to make a differance is now as Marvin J Ashton said "Be a Quality Person" if you are a quality person you will be good in any situation in which you find yourself" this bring more meaning to the way Nephi of old said oh reched man that i am i dont deserve this love from our Lord and Savior i hope that this will see me threw. I have so much trust in the Lord more so now then ever before. As we look and see there are so many times threw out the world of great esamples of men and women both. Am i that esample to someone else or do i need to change to let the quality person come out and see everyone and touch anyone that we can.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If only we believe in yourself

What is it with ourselves? why do we let the adversary take hold of our deepest thoughts and feelings? This is why he has a job.

There would not be the bitter sweet that we can see & touch. But, most of all FEEL that the Lord has been giving us the love that we have to see what it is he has in store for each of us.

This is what we say is being lucky. but this is not what our Lord & Savior had planned for us. Luck had nothing to do with this. It is our own way of showing our Savior that we truly love him. The power of heaven comes down on us like "luck" with the Angels right beside us.

We can truly DO, SAY, & SHOW, others the great love that our Lord has for each of us. This is what true "luck" is. The spirit whispers this to us when we see this "luck". We will see the charity, that pure love of Christ. Aren't we lucky? I should say, aren't we blessed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008